Phil Gallagher has been doing what he loves, putting art on your body, for 14 years. He got his start at Artistic Creations, later Crucial Tattoos, in Salisbury, MD. In May 2011 he opened Irish Buddha Tattoo Studio in his hometown of Seaford, DE. Phil is an award-winning artist and can tattoo anything from a tiny piece of "flash" to a custom designed piece of art on you. He'll tattoo you with a smile, probably keep you laughing while you're in the chair, and promises no "rock star" attitude.

We are located at:
1258 Norman Eskridge Hwy.
Seaford, DE 19973

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From Salisbury: Head North on Rt. 13 (about 35 minutes from N. Salisbury) Turn left at McDonald's onto Norman Eskridge Hwy.

From Dover: Head South on Rt. 13 (about 45 minutes) Turn right at McDonald's onto Norman Eskridge Hwy.

40-45 minutes from Easton, Cambridge, and Rehoboth areas.

From Rt. 13 in Seaford we are located directly behind McDonalds in the same strip plaza as Hungry Howie's and Rita's Italian Ice.

Hours of operation:

Sunday 11 - 7
Monday 11 - 7
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday 11 - 7
Friday 11 - 8
Saturday 11 - 8

When reserving an artist's time it guarantees you a specific time/date to be tattooed. All other inquiries for this time will be turned away in order to keep this appointment time for you. Because tattoo artist's time is limited and sought after, be absolutely certain of your choice of tattoo design and availability for the date/time scheduled before making an appointment.

All tattoo appointments require a nonrefundable deposit of $50 to be used as credit towards the final price of your tattoo. This credit will be carried over to the final appointment on large tattoos requiring more than one visit.

Deposits are used for the specified tattoo project only and can NOT be carried over to a new project. Design preparation takes time and significant changes to your design can NOT be made after appointment is set.

Appointments may be rescheduled once as a courtesy by the artist. Any further rescheduling for any reason will require a new deposit and the forfeiture of any deposit previously left.

Please arrange for childcare during your appointment time as no one under the age of 16 is allowed in procedure areas.

Should I make an appointment or can I just "walk-in" and get tattooed?

Yes. And yes. Appointments are recommended but if you stop by when we have some down time we will happily tattoo you on the spot! Generally, it is best to call ahead and check availability before you drive over only to find that we are booked up. If you want to schedule an appointment for a new piece we will need a few things... have a general idea of what you want and provide as much detail, images, etc... as possible. It is best to stop by in person so we can have you fill out some paperwork and we will require a $50 deposit to hold your spot open. This amount (shop minimum) and anything over it that you may choose to leave will come off the final price of your completed tattoo. In the case of multiple sessions we will hold your initial deposit over until your final session.

Can I bring in an image that I want tattooed?

Absolutely, bring in anything you can to show us exactly what you are looking for. Inspirations can come from t-shirts, pictures, stickers, books, anything really... No image? Just come in and meet with Phil, you'll be amazed at what he can come up with based on your explanation alone. And, there is never an extra fee for working up a custom design, in fact, he would often prefer to work with you on a custom piece and know that you are walking out with exactly what you had in mind.

Can you do cover-ups or fix-ups?

Yes. Sadly, bad tattoos happen, often as a result of bargain shopping. Saving $50 on the initial tattoo is never worth it if you end up at another shop having it "fixed" for yet more money. So, before you consider attending that "tattoo party" or let someone's cousin or brother tattoo you at home consider the health implications of getting tattooed in a less than sterile environment and take a look at their portfolio. They don't have a portfolio? There is a reason for this. Walk away and look for an artist who has had the foresight and experience to put together a portfolio of their work. If you can not see multiple images of quality work, why would you take a chance on ending up with a permanent reminder of a bad or impulsive decision? We can not stress this point enough.
But, yes... we can and often do "fix" and cover-up tattoos. Never assume that what you have is so bad that it can't be covered, but do know that there will be limitations on what type of art and colors will cover what you are unhappy with. There is an old humorous saying you will see in many legitimate shops and it could not be more true. "Good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good." So, by all means bargain shop for those shoes, clothes, and furniture but when it comes to something that will adorn your body for the rest of your life it's not a good idea to try to save a few dollars and take that risk, especially when there are more than a few quality shops in the surrounding area. You don't have to get tattooed by us, just make sure you have fully researched whomever you do allow to tattoo you.

Does it hurt?

Of course it does. But, like all things pain is relative to what you are expecting and everyone has a different level of pain tolerance. More often than not, in our experience, people are more suprised that it doesn't hurt as much as they expected rather than vice versa.

How much do tattoos cost?

Wow. We get this question a lot and it's very hard to answer. A tattoo can range from a single tiny butterfly on a foot to a full color back piece with a huge koi, a geisha, and rushing water. Our shop minimum is $50, which means that is what it costs just to set up and break down for a tattoo. Rarely do tattoos only cost $50 unless it is something very small and extremely simple. On the other hand, a back-piece, a full-sleeve, or any intricate and very large tattoo will require multiple sittings. In this case our hourly rate is $125 per hour. Sessions are scheduled based on clients desire and pain tolerance. The longer and better you sit and the fewer breaks you need to take, consideration and price breaks are given. Often a 3 hour session will only end up costing you $300 rather than $375 providing you are on time, take few breaks, and sit well (no squirming) which requires the artist to go slower, etc...
It is also extremely helpful to let the artist know up front if there is a specific budget you are working in. Maybe you have in mind that you want an ornate dagger with lettering inside of scrollwork and your budget is $200. If the artist quotes you $275, never walk out unhappy and settle for lesser quality work somewhere else. The price you are quoted is taking a variety of issues into consideration. No reputable shop will haggle over pricing but often a compromise can be reached. The artist might suggest minimizing the size a bit, changing the placement of the tattoo, or changing a few details so that they can accomodate your pricing. Breaking the tattoo into two shorter sessions can also be scheduled to allow you a little extra time to come up with the money you are short. In the long run, if you have purposely picked the shop/artist that you want to do your tattoo and you want a very specific tattoo it is better to wait an extra week or two and come up with the money you need to get what you really want. We can always hold your spot open with a deposit while you save up for the design you desire.

Am I supposed to tip a tattoo artist?

You are never required to tip and we think no less of you if you don't. Sometimes it is just not in the budget and we understand that. Standards vary wildly depending on who you ask. In our opinion, tips are never expected but always appreciated. In general, if you are blown away and happier than you could have imagined with the end result of your custom tattoo then chances are that quite a bit of planning and time went into it behind the scenes. In this case, tipping is a nice way to show you recognize the extra thought and time your artist put into your design. If you pick a piece of flash from the wall and your artist only has to make a stencil and apply the design then you need not feel quite so compelled. But, that's all just our humble opinion.

Can I bring a friend or family member with me for my appointment?

One or two friends that want to sit in while you get tattooed is fine. More that that can be a distraction to the artist. We do have a comfortable lobby if the procedure area gets over crowded. Remember, the artist is trying to concentrate on giving you the best tattoo possible.
We love kids, especially the ones we raised, and we know you love your kids too but in general tattoo shops aren't the place for them. Bringing kids with you to schedule an appointment or for a consulation is never a problem but children under the age of 16 are not allowed in procedure areas which means you would need to bring someone to remain in the lobby with them while you are tattooed. And, kids get bored quickly so it is usually better to arrange for child-care at home during your procedure. Shop help will smile kindly but will not be responsible for watching small children.

I've never been tattooed before. What should I know before my appointment.

For the novice, getting your first tattoo can be a daunting experience. Never drink or abuse any other substance before your tattoo. This can lead to excessive bleeding and can impede your healing process. Ibuprofen can be taken just before the tattoo process to help with pain and swelling but do not take any aspirin based medication as it thins the blood. Plan for the session by dressing in loose comfortable clothing that allows free access to the area you will be tattooed. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call ahead of time for suggestions. It is also a good idea to eat a light meal before you arrive. This will help regulate your blood sugar and keep you from feeling faint or nauseous during the application of your tattoo. Try to stay out of the sun or use sunblock in the days before getting your tattoo. Sunburned skin can be tattooed but the pain will be much more severe and the tattoo may not heal properly.

What is considered good tattoo shop etiquette?

A tattoo shop is a business like any other. We are selling a service instead of a product but the same manners and etiqutte you use in any establishment are appreciated here. We understand that your time is just as valuable as ours and we make every effort to be ready for you upon your arrival. We know there's nothing worse than showing up on time for your appointment only to find out that your artist is "running behind" and you'll have to sit and wait an hour or more to be seen. Emergenices arise and we won't say it will it never, ever happen but it surely won't happen on a regular basis in our shop. In return, we ask that you are prompt for your appointment as well.
Lack of cell phone etiquette is a personal pet peeve of most of the IB staff. We understand you may have calls to make while you are in the lobby, waiting to be tattooed, or while waiting on a friend. We, on the other hand, aren't so concerned with hearing every detail of your personal life, nor are any other clients who may be waiting with you. We have a lovely bench outside of the store that we have provided for smokers and we welcome anyone who has the need of having a long or a private conversation to utilize it as well.

Do you tattoo minors?

We will happily tattoo ages 16 - 18 with parental consent. In accordance with Delaware state law a parental consent form must be notarized and kept on file. You can pick up a consent form from us and bring it back, notarized, with state issued I.D. for parent and minor, birth certificate of minor, and any name change documentation. Design and placement must be approved by artist. We generally will only tattoo minors in areas easily covered by everyday apparel (i.e. t-shirt & jeans). Please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns.

Do you offer piercing?

We do not offer piercing at this time although we are considering it for the future. If you are interested in piercing don't hesitate to stop by and let us know as we will be gauging how many requests we get to decide when and if to offer them in the future.

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